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Hastings Population 2021:- Hastings is a seaside town and borough in East Sussex on the south coast of England. In the 19th century, Hastings was a popular seaside resort, as the railway allowed tourists and visitors to reach the town. Today, Hastings is a fishing port with the UK’s largest beach-based fishing fleet. It has an estimated population of 92,855 as of 2018.

Hastings is situated where the sandstone beds, at the heart of the Weald, known geologically as the Hastings Sands, meet the English Channel, forming tall cliffs to the east of the town. Hastings Old Town is in a sheltered valley between East Hill and West Hill.


Hastings Population

To know the actual Population of Hastings 2021, We have to look at the population of the past 20 years. They are as follows:

  • 2001:- 85,029
  • 2011:- 90,254
  • Hastings Population 2021:- 94,855 (Estimated)

By looking at the Population from 2001-2020. The Population of Hastings 2021 according to the estimates is 94,855.



According to the 2011 census, the total population of Hastings was 90,254. 48.8% of the population is Male, 51.2% of the population is Female.

The population of Hastings in 2001 was 85,029. There is little space for further large-scale housing and employment growth within the designated boundaries of Hastings, and development on the outskirts is resisted by the Rother council whose administrative area surrounds Hastings.

The most important buildings from the late medieval period are the two churches in the Old Town, St Clement’s and All Saints.


Religion in Hastings:

  • Christian: 51.9%
  • Jewish: 0.2%
  • Buddhist: 0.5%
  • Muslim: 1.3%
  • Hindu: 0.5%
  • Sikh: 0%
  • Other: 0.7%
  • No religion: 36.6%
  • Religion not stated: 8.3%


Ethnicity in Hastings

  • All White groups: 93.8%
  • All Mixed / multiple ethnic groups: 2.1%
  • All Asian / Asian British groups: 2.3%
  • All Black / African / Caribbean / Black British groups: 1.1%
  • All Other ethnic groups: 0.6%
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Until the development of tourism, fishing was Hastings’ major industry, Hastings. The fishing fleet, based at the Stade, remains Europe’s largest beach-launched fishing fleet.

There are now various industrial estates that lie around the town, mostly on the outskirts, which include engineering, catering, motoring and construction; however, most of the jobs within the Borough are concentrated on health, public services, retail and education.

Hastings main shopping centre is Priory Meadow Shopping Centre.

There are plans to expand the retail area in Hastings, which includes expanding Priory Meadow and creating more retail space as part of the Priory Quarter development.

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